Conservative 'Democratic' U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson, who is also the treasurer of the corporate-funded Blue Dog political action committee, predictably continued his anti-impeachment stonewalling in Thompson's latest lackadaisical letter published in the North Coast Journal's Aug. 16 issue.

Ever ready to chastise progressive Democrats, timid Mike Thompson's addled argument against impeaching the war criminals in the White House comes down to this, in Thompson's own words:

andquot;But moving the House or Representatives into impeachment proceedings would be an extremely serious step. It would require our full attention ... and most important, it would shore up support for a 'stay the course' strategy in Iraq.andquot;

Mike Thompson, other than your conservative Blue Dog coalition in the U.S. House and a few far right wing Republican dead-enders in D.C., there is virtually no support whatsoever for Bush and Cheney's disastrous foreign policy. Get a clue, Congressman.

Impeachment is not merely a tactical option to be taken off the table by cowardly career politicians. It is simply indisputable that it is Mike Thompson's duty and obligation as a member of Congress to support impeachment proceedings against both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, as this criminal regime's horrible high crimes and maniacal misdemeanors are well known by the American people and have already been documented in indictable detail.

No more excuses, Congressman. As a political candidate, I issue the following challenge: Either do your job and support the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, or I will provide Democrats in California's 1st Congressional District with a better option in the June 2008 primary election.

Jake Pickering,

Candidate for Humboldt County Board of Education Area 3