I have heard a lot of the rumors about the the accident that resulted in the death of Josh Lacy, and I think that it is about time for a mother (me) who has lost a child to say something.

My letter is not to the parents of Josh, but the peoplewho are protecting the person that was driving the car that killed him. The longer that this case is open, the more pain is inflicted on the Lacy family. The Lacy family will never not feel pain, it has been seven years since I lost my daughter and it still is hard for me to get out of bed at times. What is worse is knowing that there are people out there that have never acknowledged that they had a role in what happened.

As bad as it might have been to come forward soon after the accident, it is going to become worse as time goes on. As hard as it might be, turning yourself in and telling the truth would go a long way in helping the family heal. Every person that has first hand knowledge of what has happened and have not come forward or talked to this person and not tried to get him or her to turn themself in is just as guilty, and maybe more so, than the driver him/herself and may have made it even worse on the driver.

Inexperience and fear could have been expected seven months ago, but today it is even worse and by protecting this person you have now gotten yourself or selves into a situation where you can also be charged with felonies.You will never understand what you are doing to the Lacy family, they are the ones with the biggest lossalong with the people who knew Josh,and the parents that have lost children that re-live their own losses every time something new comes out in the paper.

If the driver of that car wants compassion, he or she is going to have to give it.Understand that due to the allegations of leaks in law enforcement, there will more than likely be investigators coming here from Sacramento and they play hard ball with a lot more experience behind them to make the charges stick.

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City