Del Norte Healthcare District, which I represent, strongly urges the passage of the 2007-2008 budget. In addition, we urgently request that all measures which favorably impact the funding of Healthcare Districts receive an aye vote.

Because these Districts are supported by the ad-valorum tax, which has been approved by citizens of the counties or Districts represented, it would appear to be a breach of faith in the electoral system to deny passage of these measures.

Patients are waiting for seriously needed services in many cases and in others, the provider has taken upon him/herself to fund the service. A gentlemen who provides transportation for patients who need to go out of town for dialysis and surgeries has come to us asking for financial help because he has just drawn out the last of his retirement to keep his service going. He is providing this service for what MediCal will pay.

Now he has used all he has short of selling his home. A second example is our Community Clinic which normally sees a minimum of 150 patients a day.

They are in the unfortunate position of having to take out interest bearing loans to continue their service. They are commited to repay these funds within seven years. They have already drawn down their reserves.

Del Norte County is not a rich county. It is beautiful but that doesn't pay the bills. A high percentage of our citizens truly need the services MediCal and MediCare provide.

We seriously urge State Sen. Sam Aanestad to support passage of the state budget for 2007-2008. Having said all the above, we thank him for his past and continued interest in Del Norte County.

Surely, no state official would vacation while his/her constiuents are struggling and in dire need of medical care and the providers in serious financial trouble due to lack of payment for services already provided.

Norma Reynolds

Executive Officer,

Del Norte Healthcare District