I read the July 28 article on the protest of police brutality practices. Going by the details of the article as written, I believe that the police were only doing what they had to. The methods were not lethal or injurious, and weapons were not deadly but were necessary to subdue this apparently very strong and aggressive man.

If Del Norte Community Watchdogs have no better case than this, they should redirect their efforts in the direction of law enforcement corruption: allowing affluent people to buy off law enforcement, such as buying their way out of speeding and drunk driving violations, law enforcement harassing certain peopleeven from private vehicles, and law enforcement and judicial people being involved in crime themselves.

The Crescent City Police, Del Norte County Sheriff's deputies and the California Highway Patrol have all been involved in one or more of these practices locally.

I think the Del Norte County Watchdogs are barking up the wrong tree.

Rey Kleinsasser

Crescent City