We feel that a person with privileged, confidential information, willfully and purposefully exploited the death of our son to satisfy personal vendettas within its own office.

Such actions compromised further investigations in the hit-and-run death of our son Joshua.

We are disgusted and mortified that such people exist in our community that would choose to land further devastating blows to our family and town.

We have only ever requested justice and accountability for the person who killed our son. We have tried to be an example of dignity and patience in the ongoing investigations and leads in this case, however in doing so, it has left our family in a vulnerable position.

We are sorry and upset that hard work and painstaking hours of our California Highway Patrol were all disregarded by the selfish actions of a person who has been trusted to uphold the law.

That person is no better than the one who left Joshua to die, helplessly. You should be ashamed of your existence, and know you just sold your soul to the devil. And for who? A coward.

The Lacy Family

Crescent City