I haven't written a letter to the editor for some time. Nothing has gotten me that dismayed or that excited at the local level and so much has been dismayed and excited at the national level, there seems no place to start.

Now I am calling on everyone interested in getting our wonderful country back on track to either tune to Channel 13, or get your VCR turned on at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Listen carefully to Bill Moyers interview with conservative Bruce Fein and Progressive John Nichols, both constitutional experts.

This was first aired Aug. 3 and generated so much interest that it was repeated Aug. 10. I listened attentively both times, learned a lot and also changed my mind about priorities in regaining the government most of us feel made this the country the whole world once admired.

If you are not able to watch the program, please tape it or have a friend tape it, then share the tape with as many as you can who did not hear of the show, or have given up taking an interest in or perhaps have yet to develop an interest in how our government is supposed to work.

Don't miss this opportunity to be educated.

Lois F. Munson

Crescent City