My husband and I just returned from two weeks vacation, and one of my catch-up activities is to scan through the Triplicate to see what has happened in our area in our absence. One section I never miss is the andquot;Letters to the Editor,andquot; as it normally is the heartbeat of our local activities and the happenings in our area.

I happened to catch one letter a gentleman wrote complaining about not enough national sports and that smaller pictures of our locals should be used (andquot;More national sports, less local needed in the Triplicate,andquot; July 31).

Oh my gosh. What was he thinking?

We have been waiting for 20 years to find what we now have, and I could not believe his comments. We now have a first-class, professional Sports Reporter in Bill Choy. Bill is out there covering events, interviews and all that our local people really want to see. We love watching our own community in action, and I have never enjoyed the sports section more.

I was happy to read on the next day or soon thereafter in another letter that Bill Turck took the complainer to task and let him know just how much we appreciate the efforts that our present reporter does and the excellent job he is doing for our community (andquot;Local sports are what local folks want to read about,andquot; August 3).

It's never been better.

Thank you, Bill Choy, keep up the good work.

Mimi Stephens