It's about time for school to start. Along with this often comes the arrival of our favorite lice. I would like to share the most effective method of dealing with the problem that I used when my children were growing up. I put 20 drops of rosemary Essential Oil in my kids' shampoo and conditioner (a 15-20-ounce bottle).

I did this always until they grew up and moved away. If one does this now, by the time school starts, children may avoid getting lice altogether.

I learned about this when my kids already had lice. To treat the lice, I put 3-5 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil on my palms and rubbed it on my children's' hair and waited half an hour. I had the kids shower and wash their hair.

The first time it completely shocked me. Not only were the lice gone, apparently it also dissolves the 'glue' used to attach the nits to the hair because nearly all the nits were gone.

We used the rosemary oil on the hair once more before school the next day. That was when I began putting rosemary essential oil in the shampoo and conditioner.

That was the last time lice came home during another eight years of school.

My daughter would even insist that her friends got rosemary oil in their hair during outbreaks before she would let them come in the house.

She didn't care if they had lice or not. Everybody got rosemary oil. You can also add 20 drops to a load of laundry.

I also learned about a marvelous poison oak remedy that most people don't want to try.

I used it for my son, who blistered just looking at it. I put honey on him, wearing a pair of shorts, from head to toe. He sat on a sheet for half an hour, then showered.

We did this five times the first day. The pain, itching and blistering were relieved immediately after putting on the honey.

By the next day all the blisters were gone. He had only a few scabs and they were dry.

The third day you couldn't tell he'd had poison oak.

He got it once more that summer and we treated it with honey once again.

He hasn't had poison oak since then. That was 1989.

Both of these remedies are nontoxic to person or environment, and are much less expensive than other remedies and always readily available.

Terry Mize

Crescent City