Letters: Former CR vice president left without explanation


Wow. So, former College of the Redwoods Vice President Dave Throgmorton, makes an appearance, via a letter in The Triplicate.

Not to explain his leaving the job, but to defend and perhaps champion the worthy cause of saving College of the Redwoods-Del Norte from losing its charter.

Of all the people to defend this possibility from occurring, I do not believe that a former College of the Redwoods-Del Norte vice president is who I would want coming out of the woodwork to speak on this matter.

While Throgmorton may be credited with implementing a College of the Redwoods charter in Klamath, it also brought to mind that under his watch at the college, myriad problems existed.

I seem to recall an editorial in which Throgmorton mockingly chastised the Del Norte community for its faux-proud, redneck heritage. He proudly proclaimed his personal knowledge of true redneck heritage, having relatives in Wyoming who have couches and fridges on their porches-traditions going back several generations.

Well, it seems that Throgmorton has returned to his roots: Rawlins, Wyo., land of petrochemicals, cows, sheep, and The Wagon Wheel Campground. Perhaps the former vice president may have a new calling in andquot;Blue Collar Comedy.andquot; He may be christened, andquot;Dave the Ler-ned.andquot;

Dave, we now know where you went, yet we still want to know: Why?

Katkua Gardner

Crescent City

The Del Norte Triplicate
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Tuesday April 25, 2017

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