Ronald Bailey, author of Global Warming and Other Eco Myths, now says, andquot;Anyone still holding onto the idea that there is no global warming ought to hang it up.andquot;

The Union of Concerned Scientists has produced a report titled andquot;Smoke, Mirrors and Hot Air.andquot;

andquot;According to the report, ExxonMobil has funneled nearly $16 million between 1998 and 2005 to a network of 43 advocacy organizations that seek to confuse the public on global warming science.andquot;

Responding to a letter to the editor from Rob Tillitz and to a previous predictable letter to the editor from Carter Swart, I'm reminded of the butterfly on the redwood tree: andquot;I've been here all my life, and nothing's changed.andquot;

I am really very curious about what would constitute prooffor you to accept that global warming is a reality? I wonder if there is anything that would change your mind about anything? Do you also still hold that President Bush is an ethical man?

I don't believe in anything. I require proof. I was doubtful for years.I think that proof has now been amply provided for the most doubting butterfly.Where have you gotten your information?The Internet has so much to research. As with any issue, you have to dig beneath and beyondthe elements on both sides who are only in it for the money and care less about the facts.

And that leads to my next question. What is it that you fear if the many scientistsinvolved in theKyoto Protocol turn out to be right? Are you afraid that you might have to admit that our pastactions were careless, even myopic and destructive? Do you hold a lot of Exxon stock?

Even in the unlikelihood thatsuch a huge number ofscientists havesuddenly turned fromthe objectivity of thescience ethicand are all in it andquot;for the money,andquot; or are revelinginsome wild conspiracy that gives themsome kind of thrillto create this universal alarm,I believe we can at least concur that fossil fuels are inlimited supplyand that we need to find alternatives soon.

Wouldn't it be desirable to be out from under the thrall of the oil companies and tell the Middle East to pound sand? Is that not an end in itself?

We've disregarded our future generations long enough. When will mankind evolveenough to value his own children, leaving them a future instead of a burned out cinder of waste? Stop trying to justify the wrong thinking of the past. That's the point. It is archaic.

Our government's response?To hell with the facts, this will hurt the economy.

To the contrary,because of the people whospent abouta minute wringing their hands, then started being part of the solution,the futurecan beexciting once again, theend benefits us all and theresearch and development and the resulting productscan create jobs and a better economymaybe even in this country.

Sybil Saxelby

Smith River