I want to echo the sentiments made by Ernie Reyes in his letter to the editor inSaturday's paper (andquot;Customer service lacking, police brutality questionable,andquot; August 4). I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know the police officers that serve our city on a professional and personal level. Not only are they dedicated to their job, they are above all professional individuals andwould only use the force necessary for the situation.

Both Sgt. Capon and Officer Mello have my 100 percent support. I know that whatever they had to do in that situation was warranted. We need to remember that these dedicated individuals put their life on the line every day they put on the uniform to ensure our security.They do this without reservation and complete selflessness. I am proud to know them.

I am sickened by the fact that children were in the car when Mr.Strom acted in the manner he did. Did for one moment he think about his children's needs before his own?The only victims in this case were the children having to witness their father acting in an unlawful manner. How much different this situation would've been had he simply complied with the officers and allowed the situation to end peacefully. It's a pure and utter shame.

Robin Patch

Crescent City