I am writing in response to one of last week's letters (andquot;Police appear to have acted appropriately in recent arrest,andquot; July 31). It said that all mothers want their kids caught in a butterfly net.

Well, mister, your ridiculous opinion has been duly noted. We mothers do not want our sons or daughters in trouble at all. Much less do we sit around thinking of appropriate ways for them to be apprehended by the police.

However, during the last two weeks I have been thinking a lot about when my kids are a little older and they are out doing something they aren't supposed to be (we all have), and are they going to be subdued with cruel punishing taser guns because they are afraid and maybe run?

We are not living in a andquot;bring them in dead or alive society.

I am thinking an issue here is that our city's fine officers were not fit enough to chase down a 36-year-old, 200 pound man who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

Using a taser five or six times on top of multiple dog bites is harsh. I have a hard time believing Mr. Strom was fighting off three officers at the same time. Mr. Strom was not charged with any drug or alcohol violations, so he must be a superman if this all went down according to the reports.


As to Saturday's letter that asked what part of red lights and sirens don't you understand, I agree (andquot;Customer service lacking, police brutality questionable,andquot; August 4). I was a firefighter for four years, and there are many people who don't pull over when lights and sirens are behind them.

Is it right? No, however, cops are not crashing their cars off the road and holding guns to the heads of their kids.

Get real people, police do get out of control sometimes, too. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Toni Lesh

Crescent City