A couple of weeks ago on my way back from my weekly golf tournament, I came through town tired and hungry. I stopped at my once-favorite sandwich shop to grab a bite to eat. Upon entering, I found two female employees behind the counter and engaged in conversation. They talked several minutes before one of them asked if I could be helpedlong enough for me to determine that the conversation entailed their July 4th experience.

This is not the first time I've walked into a business and found employees engaged in personal business that made me wait to be served.

Then in a conversation with a friend yesterday, I was advised that the same situation happened at another business. It's unfortunate that business owners have not trained their younger employees in the need to make customer service paramount.

Thank you for hiring these young people.

During my formative working years, I was taught that it's not OK to use business time and supply for personal use, and that it was a priority to make the customer feel you're glad to have them come in.

To me, since we're in the middle of the summer vacation period, it would seem that the businesses that are usually groaning for lack of business would make every effort possible to make the customer feel welcome and that they are thankful he or she is there.

It's this technique that kicks off that positive word of mouth for the business. At some point the business owner needs to spend more time with employees to ensure that positive customer service. Glimpses of a young lady hanging partially out the service window of a drive-through coffee shop and talking to about seven males doesn't give a good impression.

No more groaning, owners, get proactive in your business. And Chamber of Commerce, you're welcome for this public service announcement.

Hopefully I'll make this part brief.

What part of the red lights from the police vehicle did Mr. Strom not understand? And who's watching the watchdog? I'm sorry, Ms. Beck, but had your son simply done what he should have done lawfully, there would have been no newspaper article.

Because he didn't, and resisted at every point, you feel the police used excessive force?

Please ... I ask, did the police department run out of tasers? Where was the second K-9? Then to find out there were children in the vehicle, didn't you see anything wrong with this? And people wonder why our children grow up with issues.

Mr. Strom should be keelhauled for putting those children in that type of situation.

While I don't know any of the city's police personnel on a personal level, I have dealt with them in different circumstances and have found them to be very professional in their service to Crescent City.

There were other options I'm sure the police could have used in this situation, but Mr. Strom didn't give the opportunity, he made a choice.

Ernie Reyes

Crescent City