Last week, the results came in from California's top-to-bottom andquot;Red Teamandquot; review of the four major vote machines used in our state.

In short, a crack team of computer scientists and professionals found massive security flaws in all the machines tested from Diebold, Sequoia, Hart and ESandamp;S.

Debra Bowen, the California Secretary of State, now has to make a decision about what to do about all these machines ... and fast.

Does she decertify them, conditionally recertify them if the problems are fixed, or come up with some other solution? She has asked for public comment through the end of yesterday.

So please, send SOS Bowen a little note thanking her for conducting the andquot;Red-Teamandquot; review and tell her what you want her to do with the vote machines that do not meet reasonable security standards.

We need to letDebra Bowen know that we have her back when she makes the tough decision she must. That decision could come as early as Friday.

Maryjoan Tully, R.N.

Crescent City