Del Norte Community Watchdogs were out in force last Friday educating people about the use of excessive force and the brutality inflicted on our community (andquot;Locals protest police brutalityandquot; July 28).

We collected 220 signatures from people appalled at the abusive treatment; more than half of the signatures came from people who have experienced abuse themselves, or whose family or friends have been treated abusively.

Personally I have a diary from 20 people about police making bad decisions. I have pages of police woopsies, and the police continue with their abusive treatment on our nonviolent population.

So you are one of the people who condone abusive treatment? What about the officers mistreating children?

Last Friday police put their guns in the faces of children while their mother was present. Did they deserve this? Is that unacceptable?

The 14-year-old was also put in handcuffs, the others lined up with hands in the air; is this acceptable?

Community Watchdogs has received many letters. Keep them coming to: Del Norte Watchdogs, P.O. Box 337, Crescent City, CA., 95548.

Lenda Beck

Crescent City