Our dog Belle ran away July 6 and was nowhere to be found for eight days. We put up 60 posters, ran newspaper ads and radio announcements and had an all-out search, but she was nowhere to be found.

As my husband arrived at Englund's Marine for a part, he saw a young man looking at the front door, then dialing his cell phone from his vehicle. Just then my cell phone rang and I could hear him in the background.

When I turned he said he found my dog. He had gotten our number from the poster at Englund's Marine. He found her at the Coast Guard station on the back of Whaler Island.

We want to thank the two fishermen who risked their boat and lives to get in close enough to jump on the island to rescue Belle. We also want to thank the Sheriff's boat used to transfer her and the Coast Guard for keeping her at their station.

Thank you to all the many shops, stores, restaurants, veterinarians, mammal Center, animal shelter, post office and harbor patrol, and all the many people who took their time, especially Kay Notvedt, who went far and beyond to make every contact she could to bring our Miss Belle home.

We are forever grateful to all.

After time in the hospital for dehydration, Miss Belle is doing well. Thank you to Town and Country Vet Dr. Laurie Johnson in Brookings for coming in on her day off to take care of Belle.

We truly had a miracle.

Les and Nancy Shelley

Bayside R.V. Park, Crescent City