Key andquot;UFOandquot; into your Google search box and you'll get more hits than you could ever read in a lifetime. There are tens of thousands of sightings, countless books written by men and women, some with very impressive credentials, and secret government documents are being released regularly.

Even the Bible (Genesis chapter 6) mentions aliens coming down from the sky.

Do a search on andquot;Bigfootandquot; and you'll get almost as many hits.

Nonetheless, do I believe in either? No. Until I see something for myself, I just can't accept it.

I'm the same with Global Warming. Here in Oregon we had an exceptionally cold winter. The summer so far has been rainy and cool ... I'm not seeing it.

I am seeing that Global Warming (andquot;Global Warming in Del Norte,andquot; May 15-19) has as many scientific detractors as it does supporters. You hear more about the supporters because it makes better, more dramatic news.

Moreover, since it's so popular right now, scientists that purport Global Warming are the ones that get the big grants. For those reasons, the gullible have become staunch believers in the alleged phenomenon.

In the end, you will find that there is actually more evidence to support the existence of UFOs, or Bigfoot, than Global Warming. Therefore, perhaps the Global Warmists should incorporate that evidence and tout that it's the coming and going of the Flying Saucersto drop off Bigfeetthat's breaching our ozone layer and causing the planet to heat up.

That's a good simple explanation to fill in gaps where there is a horrible hole in the evidence.

Rob Tillitz

Sheridan, Ore.