What is going on with the Post Office? Several months ago, I ordered quite a few things from one of my favorite catalogues for gifts. Since I had my order confirmed, I called the company and they confirmed that the order had been delivered.

I questioned the post office several times saying I had never received a card and had not received the merchandise.

The clerk re-affirmed that the order had been received and if I didn't have the merchandise I should check with my neighbors.

I told her that our mailboxes are too small for the large quantity of merchandise I ordered and said that the community of Hiouchi is small and that we know our neighbors would have called us had they received the items.

She re-affirmed they had delivered three boxes July 5 and one box July 7. I did not bother to call my neighbors because it had been almost two weeks after they were delivered and I was most certain that I would have been called if they were at my neighbor's home.

I went to the post office, asked if I had packages, and lo and behold, there they all were. They were nice and hauled the huge boxes out to my car. When I asked why I had not been notified that they were there, he shrugged his shoulders.

I thought back to a letter to the editor awhile back where the fellow had lost his shipment of fish that rotted on the shelf while no one bothered to let him know it was there.

Furthermore, we had dinner with some close friends this weekend. The same thing happed to them with a shipment of avocados. The bottom of the box rotted out while sitting in the post office.

Come on people, wake up therewhat's going on? We deserve better service than that.

Mimi Stephens