For more than three years the Homeless Help Committee has advised the homeless not to camp behind the Safeway area (Elk Creek) because it is a wildlife preserve. It is the first statement in our hand-out pamphlet.

The first statement in a letter to the editor from July 18 says problem areas are acknowledged. Does Mr. Miles need glasses? We only serve the deserving homeless, which are the majority, not those in jail. The majority served are referred by local human service agencies.

I still contend that the homeless have civil rights under the Constitution and that portions of the new City ordinance are illegal.

Protection of civil rights helps everyone. The Homeless Help Committee volunteers tirelessly to assist homeless get off the street with applications for Federal housing and other services.

Personal verbal attacks, as in Mr Miles letter, are misguided and undeserved.

Carolyn Starr

Coordinator, Homeless Help Committee; 20 years a member National Alliance for the Mentally Ill