I would like to sing the praises of a new member of our community, Larry Lakes. Larry spends countless hours on projects and research aimed toward strengthening our community and empowering the people who want to bring good change, but don't know how.

Specifically, Larry has volunteered his time and expertise after work to help our group of citizens concerned with animal welfare to become a cohesive, organized entity ready to achieve our goals. It's not easy to get a room full of people, who never met before and have different strategies, to sit down and work together on a common goal; but Larry has done this.

Our group doesn't have a name yet, but thanks to Larry, we have met three times under his leadership as mediator and will be choosing a name at the next meeting, 6:30 p.m., July 25, at the Rural Human Services building.

We're now on a roll toward success and will soon start achieving our goals that include an education campaign in local schools about paying and neutering pets, planning construction of a new adoption shelter for both dogs and cats, and providing low cost vaccination and alteration clinics.

Larry is an invaluable resource for this community and works quietly in the background to make positive change through gentle, effective leadership. Thanks, Larry!

Jennifer Henion

Crescent City