I want to thank Fish and Game and our local Sheriff's office for rounding up the homeless in the Elk Creek Wildlife Area. Special thanks should go out to Rural Human Services. Thank you to Fish and Game and the people of Parks and Beaches of the county that are working hard to clean up the damage that our so-called homeless have done to that area which belongs to all of us.

Maybe Carolynn Starr (Letter to the Editor: andquot;City law regarding camping needs some changes,andquot; July 18) should visit the county jail and take cookies to the homeless men who had outstanding warrants. Elk Creek should not be their bedroom. I hope the county will pass the same kind of law that the city has. Maybe Carolynn Starr should be talking to the local man who wants to start a home for the homeless. He owns a house that could be transitional housing. Maybe Ms. Starr should walk the talk of being a homeless advocate and stop being a bleeding heart.

Richard M. Miles

Crescent City