Most people in this country are taking notice of our environment, however, it has been a challenge for me to sit and listen to one side of the issue make their point.

Al Gore uses more electricity than most people in this country.He owns four mansions which at least three have not been insulated or had the single-paned windows replaced to make his little homes efficient. He charters private jets to tell the rest of America they should do a better job. He talks about carbon foot prints and claims he buys green tomake up for it.

Those telling the rest of the world how to conserve should do this by example.

A town near Detroit put its money where its mouth is with a landfill that separates recyclables and uses heavy rubber liners and piping for the methane gas. They burn the gas in public buildings and use it in place of natural gas to heat the community. Plastics are shredded and molded and made into things like park benches.

The flat tops of the landfill have been made into ski slopes and golf courses.

Few states have a comprehensive recycling program. There are many polluting automobiles hard for people to afford the better equip autos when most of the the American Auto Workers are no longer working and so many are buying imports.

Some scientists do believe that the world is going through a cycle.I wouldn't want to be that person who put it all on everyone but themselves and exclude nature of playing any part of what is going on in the universe.

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City