Greetings from Wyoming, the land of mule deer and meadowlarks. I was fortunate to serve as the Vice President of College of the Redwoods in Del Norte County for three years. I'm sorry to hear that College of the Redwoods is going through a rough patch, but there are too many reasons for optimism to read too much into accreditation and financial woes (andquot;College of the Redwoods on probationandquot; July 4).

The faculty and staff at College of the Redwoods-Del Norte are first-rate professionals. Those of you taking classes at College of the Redwoods-Del Norte, and those of you sending your children to College of the Redwoods-Del Norte, will find that you are getting a world-class education from dedicated faculty members who are committed to their disciplines and to the craft of teaching. And you can be confident that the staff will provide you with the attention and care that you need to successfully complete the first two years of college.

The school and Del Norte County have enjoyed a close and mutually rewarding relationship during the years. The school is a tremendous asset to the county, primarily because of the quality of the faculty and staff who work and teach there by choice.

Don't let the current bad news, which is temporary, divert attention from the fact that College of the Redwoods-Del Norte remains a source of energy and education for the county.

Dave Throgmorton

Rawlins, Wyo.

(former Del Norte County resident)