I read your article with the photo of the skateboarders in this Saturday's edition (andquot;Skateboard Association keeps on rolling forward in Crescent Cityandquot; July 14). As usual, whenever I see photos of the skateboarders, none are wearing any of the required safety equipment. I am still waiting for the time when one of these little lawbreakers splits his head open and then the parents sue the county and city for not properly insuring the safety of their little darlings.

So I have a suggestion. Each time one of these little lawbreakers is caught riding without the required protective head gear, the skateboard park should be closed for one week and the area used as a sleeping area for the homeless. It's right by the Sheriffs department so it could be well monitored.

Perhaps these little children will learn a lesson in the consequences of not following the rules, and at the same time it will help with a real problem the county and city are facing. In the end we will see how important this park is to the skateboarders. If they continually refuse to follow the rules the area will be put to good use.

This is not written tongue-in-cheek. Something definitely needs to be done to save the county from an eventual lawsuit and protect the skateboarders from harm, despite their own stupidity.

Jay Chernak

Crescent City