I qualify as disabled, but I choose to work and pay taxes. To get my job, I had to pass a drug and alcohol test. Other jobs require the same, and should.

This country takes constantly from we taxpayers and encourages generations of system abusers, prisoners and illegal aliens to sit around drinking, smoking, and doing street drugs and narcotics.

We see an overweight population that has secondary diabetes, which causes multi-organ complications.

Diabetes and coronary artery disease, secondary to obesity in children and adults, is costing us a fortune.

Make it mandatory, put physical education back in all schoolsevery day.

If those with four extremities who walk and talk but won't hold a job still wish to live off our tax system, then they must pass a mandatory random drug and alcohol screening.

Can't pass? Then no free government hand-outs on any level.

If you don't fall into these areas and are a working citizen, retired, or are truly disabled (not by your own hand or by abuse), don't do illegal drugs, aren't obese or sedentary, then my hat is off to you.

Give each of us who aren't system abusers an extra $5K tax deduction each year. This is a positive incentive and saves billions to funnel where they are really needed.

Mark St. James