I am writing in regards to the woman who sells ice cream to our children, and my grandchildren.

She has a license to do so and she makes our children happy. There isn't much for our kids to do except bowling, movies and swimming. This is something that our kids look forward to every day.

Why is the city telling her where she can go when her license says 'Crescent City?'

Children can't go to the store alone, and they look forward to the ice cream lady.

Silly Susie is a great lady. This is a legal business and an honest one, so why are people trying to put her out of business?

We live off of Gainard and she isn't allowed to come down this street to get to Linnet Court. All the kids look forward to her coming to their street.

Where is her freedom? She is trying to make an honest living. I talked to a councilman who approved the license for her, and he doesn't understand why they're doing this to her.

This is unfair to the working person.

Gramma Jo Larkin

Crescent City