As a member of the Smith River Rancheria who has been attending meetings regularly, I'd like to share with the public and our Lucky Seven Casino customers a few important issues.

The Smith River Rancheria's Tribal Council wants to prevent our audits from both enterprises from becoming public record. I personally feel that the public, customers and members have a right to know how our casino is doing.

The customers are what keep the casino operating, and the members are the ones who own the casino. Therefore, they have every right to know what the casino is planning and how much revenue is brought in.

The Tribal Council is elected by the Smith River members, and the council makes decisions on behalf of the members.

If the audits are public record, this will hopefully keep the council from making bad decisions in the future.

The members of the Smith River Rancheria are encouraged to attend the regular council meetings at 6 p.m.on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month in the Community Center.

By becoming more involved in what your tribe is doing, we will be able to vote in the future for a member who is making more decisions about what is best for the tribal members.

Sunnae M. Walker

Smith River