During my tenure as an animal control officer, I have noticed that every July 5th we get inundated with calls from people in the public sector that have either found or lost a pet due to the previous night's festivities.

I thought it might a good idea to share some friendly suggestions as to how to keep your pets safe and sound:

?Make certain your pets are wearing identification

?Get license tags for the dogs and personal ID tags for cats, just in case they are frightened and seek shelter some place other than home

?Try to keep pets in a quiet area - turn on the TV or radio to help diffuse the noise

?Keep dogs on a leash if attending special activities outside the home

?If your dog is an outside dog and you have a kennel or crate, it might be a good idea to utilize these; if neither are available, perhaps consider using a garage or laundry room to house pets

?Contact your veterinarian for additional ideas for more skittish pets

?Keep pets away from home fireworks displays

If all these endeavors still fail and you are missing a dog or have found one, remember to contact Animal Control at 464-7235.

Jason Tornay

Animal Control Office

Crescent City