The Redwoods Mural Society is a fledgling nonprofit organization with the goal of beautifying our home area of Del Norte County (andquot;Mural depicts beauty of redwoods,andquot; June 28). The Jed Smith mural is actually the society's first accomplishment, and hopefully it's a forerunner of many works of public art to come.

In the beginning, we were somewhat overwhelmed with our audacity in taking on a nearly 3,000 square-foot wall. Finally, we felt we had practically witnessed a miracle in being able to complete the project to our total satisfaction in slightly over one month. It was only through tremendous community support that this was accomplished.

The Sunrise Garden Club has been foremost in their support of this project. Its most generous gift of $1,000 toward the cost of the Jed Smith mural gave us the freedom to start work while still in the process of raising funds to pay for the mural. We thank them wholeheartedly for their wonderful backing throughout. One of the club's members, Gay McWhirter, helped on site with anything we needed. Other garden club members also donated their time.

It would have been impossible to complete this amount of work in such a short length of time without the provision by the Weinecke family of their boom lift, scissor lift, ladders and scaffolding to get us to the heights of the mural, 27 feet at most. They even provided us with coffee to keep us going on the job.

Another major supporter is the Crescent City/Del Norte Chamber of Commerce. With the many hours of time spent on this project, there is a real need for accident insurance. Volunteer coverage is pricey , and the Chamber took on this responsibility for us.

Without the full backing provided by the community at large, such projects as the Jed Smith mural would be no more than a dream. So the Redwoods Mural Society thanks each and everyone who helped in any way to make this dream become a


Shirley Cook


Redwoods Mural Society

Crescent City