I would like to thank the representatives from the Save the Redwoods League, The Smith River Alliance, The Coastal Conservancy, the California Department of Fish and Game, The California Department of Parks and Recreation, EDAW, and any others I may have missed, for their participation in June 23's Mill Creek Watershed project tour.

Their passion for their work made the demonstrations interesting and informative. This huge parcel of land is a working laboratory for testing and using our learned technology to restore this wonderful area to a natural old-growth setting.

I was disappointed that more local citizens were not there to learn of the wonderful recreational opportunities that will be available to them, and to provide their input for what their needs and wants are.

I was also pleased to see one of our local general contractors bring his whole family and give his children an opportunity to see what will be available to them as they live and grow in this area. There are already plans for camping and RV sites, off-roading, biking, hiking and horseback riding trails.

But the most important work to be done is to protect Mill Creek from existing threats and restore conditions for spawning salmon and steelhead. Many people think that all those wonderful fish they catch in the Smith River were spawned there, but in reality it is the feeder streams like Mill Creek where most of these fish are hatched.

There are many fun programs planned for the summer. The park opens 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today, and I urge our residents and visitors to take advantage of and support this new recreational treasure.

Carl Fagerskog

Crescent City