The Redwoods Mural Society has demonstrated the Power of a Community working together towards a common goal. The new Jed Smith Mural on the side of Crescent Ace Hardware is 2940 square feet of art, 27 feet high at the apex and 22 feet high on either end. The maquette, shown above, was created by local artist Doris Dalbec. Fifty-eight volunteers have worked many hours to ensure that the mural would become a reality.

Work began by transferring of the maquette pencil outlines onto the wall on May 19 and 20. Jim Hooper produced the transparencies and drew the outlines on the Crescent Ace Hardware wall with his assistants Sandi Hooper, Holli Jackson and Bob and Debbie Cochran.

This work was necessarily done during the dark of night so the image from the projector would appear on the wall. Painting began on May 23, and one month later, on June 23, more than 95 percent of the mural was completed.

Eleven of the volunteers have contributed well over 30 hours each to the project. Their individual contributions of time and talent at the wall are as follows:

?Morganna Brissenden, 117

?Shirley Cook, 108

?Doris Dalbec, 100

?Garretta Lamore, 81

?Cathy Dean, 68

?Wanda Kirkpatrick, 56

?Muriel Northrup, 47

?Alan Justice, 42

?Doris Winger, 37

?Mady Wolsfeld, 35

?Nancy Chernak, 34

As of June 23, more than 1,082 hours of time had been volunteered at the mural wall.


A major sponsor of the mural is Crescent Ace Hardware. The Weinecke family, owners of Crescent Ace Hardware, had the wall prepared for painting, loaned their heavy equipment throughout the painting, provided warehouse space for the staging of the mural, gave substantial discounts for materials we needed to purchase, provided coffee on a daily basis, and are financially supporting the dedication ceremony scheduled for Sunday.

Thanks goes to another major sponsor, the Sunrise Garden Club of Crescent City, for contributing nearly half the cost of the special mural paint. Gay McWhirter, the Garden Club member who represented the Club sponsorship, also donated hours of her time on the mural.

All the volunteers would like to send a special thanks to the owners, Mark and Cindy Lee of the Good Harvest Caf and Espresso Bar, who supplied refreshments and coffee on one of our busy days at the wall. A few other donations of refreshments for the volunteers were given by anonymous supporters.

This entire project is funded by members of our community who support the Redwoods Mural Society mission statement: andquot;To capture the natural beauty and augment the economic growth of Del Norte County by bringing together community members to plan, create, and support murals that celebrate the heritage and document the unique features of our area.andquot;

The Redwoods Mural Society is a 501c 3 non profit organization.

Any funds not used on this mural project will automatically be applied to the next mural project of the Redwoods Mural Society.

You can become an annual member of the Redwoods Mural Society family of friends by sending $25 to P. O. Box 1504, Crescent City, CA 95531. Checks are payable to the Redwoods Mural Society. Membership entitles you to board member voting rights at the general membership meeting in the early fall, as well as periodic updates on the society's activities.

Become a benefactor

You also can become a benefactor of the soceity, and have your name on the brass plaque that will be placed at the Jed Smith mural site. A donation of $250 or more, post-marked by July 8 or earlier, will ensure that your name is placed on the Jed Smith Mural brass plaque, and that you will be listed as a benefactor. The plaque will be located on or near the mural wall. You may contact Shirley Cook, Redwoods Mural Society president, for more information, at 464-6306).

The community also is invited to the Dedication Celebration of the Jed Smith Mural on Sunday.

See you there!

If you go

?What: Dedication of the

Jed Smith Mural

?When: 3-5 p.m. Sunday

?Where: Crescent Ace

Hardware, 840 E.

Washington Blvd.