I remember in the 1970s and 1980s when boycotts provided great service because when it seemed like injustice reigned supreme, people came together against it. And, to a point, I miss those days right now when I wouldn't mind boycotting locally.

Many households in Del Norte are low- and/or fixed-income homes. That precludes tighter than tight budgeting, including transportation, whether owning a car at all or being able to afford fuel to use it, and the stressful inability to andquot;createandquot; finds or juggle what little there is when emergencies arise. I'm willing to risk saying we all know this is the case.

What irks me is the people and/or businesses that refuse to take verifiable, rough circumstances into consideration or are still more than willing to exploit folks no matter what. It's all about the almighty dollar or a power-complex of some form or another.

For example, recently a mandatory item was found and the price quoted was $30. A huge relief considering the same item new would cost about $300 (way beyond my reach)! But, after andquot;robbing Peter to pay Paul,andquot; a week later the price of the item is now quoted at $75. If that wasn't irritating enough, upon again andquot;findingandquot; the needed money, I returned to find the item no longer available due to having been crushed beyond any use whatsoever. Too bad there is only one business, that I know of, which is easily reachable in town and that sells certain items.

Now, unless there's a miracle, I am without transportation. Thanks, guys!

Teri V. Markanson

Crescent City