Regarding andquot;Del Norte Ambulance only responds to public assist callsandquot; (June 7), If you dial 911 you will find the sheriff's dispatch asks for your emergency and never refers you to the local fire department (maybe because they are part-time or volunteer), so the letter writer's ambulance service gets the call. As I stated in a previous letter, the cost is outrageous. If the fire department could even respond, why is the emergency service dispatch not calling them?

The fact still remains that $175 to assist someone to get off the floor and back in bed or in a chair is ridiculous in a town where most do not clear this much money in a week. If there is no need for any medical assistance, why send an ambulance - why not send a couple of employees to assist with the problem and place these people back in their beds or chairs? If they are concerned about other issues like abuse, well we have a police department for that, and if I am not mistaken they are required by law to have the authorities get involved.

If the letter writer wanted to address my May 24 letter, then he should address the question as to his company's charges of $175. The company does offer the citizens the ability to pay over time, but even if they pay every month they are still charged finance charges. Tell me, how wealthy does the letter writer feel the underprivileged are?

As for the letter's response about more efficient vehicles the statement was not about your ambulances but about other vehicles within the city such as the transportation vehicles (buses, taxis) I do commend the letter writer's desires for wanting a cleaner burning fuel, but so far there appears to be none on the horizon. Ethanol provides less mileage than gasoline and costs more to produce than current fossil fuels. If this city is to continue to provide transportation for a poor community then it is imperative that they find another source of fuel which will not price them beyond the abilities of the community to afford them.

Tomm Sanford

Crescent City