About to sail: Kudos to Steve Godla, principal of Bess Maxwell School, for his work on a successful grant application that landed nearly $1 million for the district. The federal Teaching American History grant will allow the school district's teachers to attend presentations, make trips to local museums and participate in summer travels to historic places from Boston, where the Revolutionary War began, to Selma, Ala., the sight of many Civil Rights incidences. The grant's goal is to inspire teachers and give them the additional background to make history a living, exciting subject in the classroom.

About to sail: The Crescent City Council made the right call Monday in granting Rumiano Cheese Factory a zoning variance so the company can expand its whey processing towers. Higher facilities serve the community's and the neighborhood's needs by creating safer streets, improving traffic flow, being more environmentally-friendly and keeping a local employer going.

About to sail: The Northcoast's expulsion of Chinese laborers and families in the last 1800s certainly is not a period of history for any of us to be proud of. That doesn't mean it should be forgotten or glossed over, however. As George Santyanna so eloquently said, andquot;Those who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them.andquot; Given this, we applaud author Jean Pfaelzer for chronicling the plight of the Chinese in her new book andquot;Driven Out.andquot; To ensure our children do not practice hate and racism, they must understand what happens when it occurred in the past.

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