Before my City Council gives thousands of dollars away to the Crescent City/Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce and to a visitor center, we need to fix our pool (andquot;Help build leadership, businesses,andquot; June 13).

Then, I believe, it's time we create a real Chinese garden, a real memorial garden in Beachfront Park for what people did here many years ago (andquot;Author recounts Chinese expulsions,andquot; June 19). If Tacoma can do it, then why can't we do something on a smaller scale? And yes, it's time for a bocce ball court at Beachfront Park (andquot;Bocce ball: A sport who time has arrived?andquot; June 19) - and there is room where the one-hole golf course was.

But without hearing the people's voice, the council will give its money away. The council will give its money away.

Regarding andquot;Condo design wrong for usandquot; (June 19), maybe it's a little sour grapes as it's not Charles Slert's design. If Slert is right, maybe it's time we hire someone with a background in architectural design for the Planning Department to aid the Planning Commission.

Richard M. Miles

Crescent City