I wanted to let all of you know who is partially responsible for the beautiful flower boxes newly replanted on Third Street. She is a very community-minded, wonderful lady who is always trying to come up with ideas to help give a spark to our downtown. Her name is Patti Pearcey. When you are downtown, drop in at the Bookcomber and thank Patti for all her work. She hopes to attract the tourists coming into town who might look up Third Street and see some beautiful colors and decide to turn off the highway and drive into downtown. When I asked Patti how the flowers would be watered, she simply stated andquot;I will do it on my way to work in the morning.andquot;

If you have not, please take a second look and see there are things happening downtown. Diana Tomasini is to be commended on the three businesses in one she opened on Third Street. When Diana opened her doors, she opened a delightful eating place, a beautiful gift store and her long-going beauty shop. Debbie at the Del Norte Office Supply has given so much to downtown and continues to with a store so eager to help everyone who comes through her doors. Leslie McNamerVasquez wants to see downtown expand and will soon be opening her new store, Leslie's Collectibles and Gifts. We now have a seamstress and alterations service plus many more.

The Business Improvement District is starting up again. There are others who are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Just take a stroll downtown. It gives encouragement for the merchants to see foot traffic, and they will be there when you need them. Enjoy the flowers along the way. Thank you, Patti.

Eleanor Parsons

Crescent City