People who live in and near Crescent City should be made aware that the Redwood National and State Parks is apparently stepping up its efforts to stop the practice of allowing your pet dogs to run around off-leash in the Crescent Beach area.

Dogs, like children, love to run and play and make a lot of noise when they are enjoying themselves and this disturbs the native wildlife.

Dogs must be leashed in the Crescent Beach picnic area, on the small trail further along that leads from Enderts Beach Road to the beach, and the beach itself. Leashes, by the way, should be no longer than six feet.

Fortunately, I wasn't cited for having my dog off-leash this time, but I could have been. I got the impression from the two rangers that I encountered that people have treated them rudely for making them leash their dogs. I suggest that people be more courteous toward the rangers as they are only doing their jobs. Being discourteous only makes it more likely that you (or I) will receive a citation.

In the meantime, we have to find other places where our dogs can get the exercise they need. Isn't it about time for Crescent City, or the county, to create a dog park where dogs and people can socialize in safety?

Brian Green

Crescent City