On June 6, my child was one of many talented children who received scholarship. Our young people, along with the teachers that teach them, are doing great jobs, but the generosity of the clubs, organizations, trusts, doctors and private individuals that are giving so much to such a small area was mind blowing.

I knew that my daughter was getting a scholarship because I received a letter - but she received five! I always have been proud of my child and loved that there were so many wonderful people in so many great clubs and organizations, but it was more than I could ever dream of.

So many of the graduation class received scholarships from so many places, I am sure that we have some of the best of the best in this country. I was so happily shocked, I just sat there in lieu of crying.

I personally want to thank every club, organization and trust that are putting their faith in my daughter and for all that gave to every other graduating student. I only hope that I can some day have the funds to do the same.

I personally want to thank every scholarship donor out there and to the ones that gave to my child.

My daughter's scholarships came from: North Coast Cliff Hangers, Delta Kappa Gamma, DN Sunrise Rotary Club, Basil Ronjoin Memorial Trust and Mary Kerns Memorial Trust.

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City