In regards to Tomm Sanford's letter to the editor (andquot;Give ambulances to fire dept., get electric buses to save,andquot; May 24), there are a couple of points that need to be addressed.

Del Norte Ambulance only responds to public assist calls - such as when an uninjured person needs help after a fall - when a local fire department does not respond to these type of calls. Most fire districts in the county do respond in these situations.

Sanford's comment regarding the need for emergency vehicles to be more fuel efficient is well taken. At Del Norte Ambulance, we have upgraded our first-out units to provide better fuel economy with the performance and durability our industry requires.

As an organization that spends thousands of dollars each month in fuel costs, Del Norte Ambulance looks forward to the day when we can use less-expensive, cleaner-burning fuels that will reduce the cost of operation and cut emissions at the same time.

Del Norte Ambulance has and will continue to work to provide the highest level of care to our community at a rate that allows us to provide that service today and for the years to come.

Ron Sandler


Del Norte Ambulance

Ground and Air Service