Fishermen lost at sea

also honored during service

In the article andquot;Memorial honored lives lost,andquot; (May 8), the reporter did a good job reporting the facts; however, I would like to elaborate on one thing. The memorial service was meant to honor three groups: the people who died in the wreck of the Brother Jonathan, the fisherman lost at sea and the servicemen who gave all. I just wanted to make sure, for those who were unable to attend the service, that the fisherman were indeed honored. LT.j.g. Chris Weber, of the USCGC Dorado, gave the introduction of the ceremony, in which probably his greatest point was the respect he has for the commercial fisherman. Fishing always has been a way of life for so many in the community and it is indeed, a major part of the roots and history of Crescent City.

Tedi Espitia


Nathan B. Bruckenthal Division, USNSCC

Crescent City

Let's rally behind library,

a key community resource

Fantastic! The recent military brass concert held downtown at the newly refurbished Tsunami victims memorial sculpture fountain was a delightful success. Events like this bring people together and represents quality entertainment while creating a sense of community for the young and old alike. Kudos to The Daily Triplicate for sponsoring and championing this event.

Speaking of bringing the community together, it's time for all of us to rally around and support our local library. Books, reading and knowledge is a very good thing. Our library is an invaluable community resource that needs all of our support in these changing times. A good library is a win-win for our community. Come on, Crescent City, and get involved for a worthy cause.

Charles Slert

Crescent City