We're glad to see the County Board is making good on its andquot;Year of the Childandquot; theme. In February, the board gave the year that moniker, and while applauding them for it, we also called for supervisors to take andquot;tangible, concrete actions ... during the next 10 months, to make life better for Del Norte's children.andquot; Saying children are important on its own doesn't mean all that much - after all, who would disagree that children are important?

To supervisors' credit, they backed their words with money on Tuesday. Board members agreed to increase penalties for various moving traffic violations to help compensate emergency care pro-viders who work on children. EMS services re-cently have seen reduced funding, so finding a way to make up for the difference is vital. At the same time, higher traffic fines might encourage some to drive more safely, which could translate to fewer accidents involving children.

Of course, beefing up EMS services for children is but a small part of making life better for Del Norte County's children. Addressing issues such as poverty, meth's scourge, low test scores and health care will require a bold, substantive commitment of money, resources and policies. We hope such an initiative is around the corner.