City Council should act

on city residents' needs first

If this was a perfect world and our City Council made all the right decisions, our beaches would be safe from sewer water, our police department would respond to calls and our city planning would includeneighborhood gardens and fitness trails.

But what are we to do, when our City Council is hell bent on the county's needs and not the needs of our city?

What are we to do whensewer problems result in flooded businesses? Has anyone seen the Los Angeles Times' Pulitzer- winning report andquot;Altered Oceansandquot;? It suggests we lost our kelp beds because of sewage. Should we just continue to multiply our sewer bills so we can expand the sewer in the county without fixing it?

What are we to do when we vote people off the council only to have them re-appointed with the next vacancy? We have money for redundant advertising. Can't we afford a mail-in ballot?

I am tired ofthe council's constant neglect. The city sewer system is an asset thatwould cost a billion dollars to replace. Some have said it could not be replaced. Yet at the last County Board/City Council joint meeting, supervisors and council members voted to release the county from its sewage oversight responsibilities in the CountyService Areas. What would we do if the State of California said, andquot;Enough is enough. Stop the sewer until you fix itandquot;?

I hope some day soon, those of us who live in Crescent City will realize we have something nice here and and try to save it. I think we need a City Council that is willing to put the needs of the city first.

James R. Barrett

Crescent City

Gert Wier's friendliness kept couple coming back to town

I can not even tell you all how sorry and saddened I am to hear of our friends', Joey and Gert Wier, deaths (andquot;Mother, son found dead,andquot; April 17). I hope our memories come, the healing starts and that in time we may all find peace.

I will cherish every memory I have of both of them. I met Gert for the first time in 1995 when my husband and I were down to see my grandmother. We had decided we would go dancing for the first time in Crescent City, and Everett's was the place to go, we had heard. There she was, sitting at the door taking money for the cover charge.

She was a breath of fresh air, not to mention she let us in for free that night as she saw that we were not locals (Not that locals were anything but helpful sweet and gracious).

From that night on, we loved being frequent flyers at Everett's. Joey and Gert always will remain in my heart as well as all of the wonderful people I have had the great honor of calling my friends (and you know who you all are). Crescent City is a small little city but with people with big giving hearts. That is what my grandmother used to say, and I so learned it was very true.

Teresa L. Smith

Lebanon, Ore.