Pine Grove RV Park not bad place some claim it to be

I live in Pine Grove RV Park, and for some reason we have some tenants that seem to have nothing else to do than complain. I realize that for some there is nothing else in their life, but what they are doing is making it hard on the tenants that are happy living there.

First off, if it is so bad at the park, why don't they move? And how come, it is always the same people complaining? I have seen management immediately get things done once they are aware of the problems. We now have people going around and saying the water is bad. By law, the owner has the water checked every month, and the report is available for all to see. In fact, the result of the last test was posted, but someone decided to take it down so not everyone had a chance to see it. This is just another way for them to start trouble.

The rules of the park were just given out, and I am just waiting for all the complaints to start again. This is the reason we were also given the state rules, so people would see that the owner was in compliance with the law.

I have heard some of these troublemakers state that they could get into some other place. My question is if they're so upset with the park, why don't they move on and allow everyone else to enjoy the park?

I have been in other parks, and this one is clean, quiet and kept up. To those that have nothing better to do, please volunteer to help out somewhere, find a hobby or bug your family, but please grow up and show you are adults. All this childish he-said-she- said belongs in grammar school.

Maxine McKinney

Crescent City

Drug rehab center would help address city meth problems

One of the main problems in Crescent City is meth. A few ways I'd fix this is by having a drug rehabilitation center. When someone in our town now gets caught for meth they just go to jail. Some of these people want help and we have nowhere to go. Not everyone wants to be on meth their whole life. Putting them in jail isn't going to help because there's a good chance that a meth user will just go back on the streets and start again. If we get them a place were they can discuss their problem with other meth users who have prevailed in quitting, it might motivate them enough to actually try to break there habit.

If we use this program, we can break the addiction by helping them stop rather then just let them go back on the street to start all over again. This would also give many people a chance to start anew, to change their life, to help themselves and many other people and generations. That would not only stop the illegal acts within our city but help or town's image.

We also should try to give them jobs because then they can have a stable income along with a future. It has been proven that more than 50 percent of meth addicts will turn in their dealers in fear of having the access to the drug that brought them to jail. Then we'll get a lot more people who need help rather then a few people who want help. Sending someone to rehab also would cost less rather then sending some one to jail.

Another idea is having a crisis line for meth addicts who want to talk about their problem. The people who would work for the hotline would be trained to let the meth addicts know that they have a way to get out of this lifestyle. A way to change their life, a way to let go and move on. They can also set up a one-on-one schedule with a previous meth addict; that way they could talk about their experiences and how going to rehab and getting help changed their life and how it changed their aspect on life.

Meth in our city is domestic terrorism, it creates paranoia, stress, thievery, fear, danger to our law enforcement officers and complete moral degradation of or fellow townspeople.

Cassie Johnson

Crescent City