Children are a good thing, so let's teach people to value life

As a person with a strong opinion against abortion, I wish to respond to Terri Levezow's letter, andquot;Children are a good thing, so let's all take care of them,andquot; (March 27).

In 1998, Dr. Theresa Burke, a psychotherapist, and Dr. David Reardon, a biochemist ethicist and the director of the Elliot Institute, reported a significant increase in child abuse in their article titled, andquot;Abortion Trauma and Child Abuse,andquot; showing that the occurrence of child abuse has actually risen significantly since abortion became legal. andquot;Experts agree that during the past 25 years the rate of child abuse has increased dramatically,andquot; the article said. andquot;Between 1976 and 1987 alone, there was a 330 percent increase in reported cases of child abuse. While a portion of this increase is due to better reporting, experts agree that these figures reflect a real trend toward ever higher rates of abuse.andquot;

Because of the mental and emotional pain suffered by the post-abortive woman or man, even while in the throes of denial, there is an increased tendency toward neglecting and abusing existing or subsequent children.

While an initial reaction to an abortion may seem like a relief to a crisis situation, this reaction leads to denial. Denial is a self-protective state which allows the individual to carry on with life as though nothing has happened. Denial can last from a few hours to 40 years or more. Within the constraints of denial, symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome may surface. Some common reactions are: self-destructive behaviors such as abusing drugs, alcohol, or food; entering into destructive relationships; neglecting health issues; or experiencing unexplained depression or rage.

Because their trust in mankind has been so violated, they no longer trust other people. They close off their hearts to those close to them resulting in relationship problems. They are convinced no one can help.

Abortion doesn't solve a problem, it creates a wound that our souls were never meant to bear, which in turn causes many other problems: Abortion wounds every life it touches.

So, as a strict pro-lifer, what am I doing to help the children that I want to see born? I give of my time and money to the Pregnancy Care Center, where women, men and children are taught the value of life. They are taught that becoming a good parent starts with breaking unhealthy patterns. Once we are healed ourselves we can then parent effectively. Every life has a plan and a purpose.

Teri Brunner

Crescent City

Alcohol needs to be treated like the dangerous drug it is

Well, it is about time! March 28's paper had an article, andquot;Study: Classify alcohol as drug.andquot; I almost fell off my chair. Way back in the 1920s, prohibitionists outlawed both alcohol and marijuana for all occasions public or private. Then they allowed alcohol back into the lives of the American people. What a huge mistake!

Not to approve or disapprove of marijuana usage, but I have never seen a headline about a massively fatal accident where the driver was merely under the influence of marijuana alone. Alcohol, on the other hand, kills every moment of the day - and not necessarily physical death, either. People lose their jobs and families over the liquid fire.

Throughout my life, I have often wondered why alcohol was given such andquot;freedom,andquot; since I feel it is the most deadly drug there is. I am glad to see that finally the scientific experts, to use the word lightly, are getting on the ball.

Teri V. Markanson

Crescent City