Focus, vision, dedication can elevate county's well-being

We moved to Del Norte County almost 20 years ago from a small town in the Sacramento Valley that more than 20 years ago was experiencing many of the problems similar to Crescent City (andquot;Directions of change,andquot; March 22). With focus, vision, dedication and hard work, that town has managed to overcome many of its problems and move forward. Following are some ideas to think about:

?Continue the clean-up and develop the north and south entrances to make them more attractive.

?The Tsunami Landing structure needs to be evaluated. It should either be repaired and repainted or removed.

?Develop a theme. Our natural beauty, maritime history, fishing and logging could be the focus.

?All public and private entities need to work together toward common goals. This includes the city, county, the Business Improvement District, redevelopment agency, harbor, library, schools, fairgrounds and private groups such as the chamber, service clubs and other organizations.

?Work with downtown landlords to develop reasonable rents so that new businesses will have a chance to develop. Work on planning and zoning so that unnecessary obstructions to business development are removed.

?Combining the state, national and local parks and the chamber's visitor center and locating it at the harbor, perhaps near the St. George Reef Lighthouse Society Museum, is a great idea.

?The historical museum and the library should be left where they are.

?Good andquot;points of interestandquot; maps need to be developed as giveaways at the visitors center.

?Create some interesting bike routes and bike campgrounds for the many bikers that travel U.S. Hwy. 101.

?Leave the fairgrounds to the Fair Board. There are so many rules and regulations out of Sacramento that govern this entity that it is not realistic to consider it for structures.

Del Norte County has so much potential. Let's work together to develop it to fit our needs. Let us remember our traditions in logging, mining and fishing, but let us look ahead to develop the future of the area for the benefit of all of us.

Robert and Tommiana Lynch

Smith River