Children are a good thing,

so let's all take care of them

To anyone with a strong opinion against abortion (andquot;Children are a good thing, so use laws to stop abortion,andquot; March 24), I ask: What have you done for the thousands of unwanted children that end up abandoned or abused? Have you adopted any of these children? Have you become a foster parent to these children? Have you volunteered your time to advocate for these children in court?Have you become a mentor to ajuvenile in custody for robbery because he was brought up in a family that did not have the desire, money, or room to care for him? Or have you educated youth on birth control and abstinence so that abortion never becomes an issue?

Everyone has a right to their opinion, but tostate that women are evil for their actions is wrong. I am neither for nor against abortion, but in certain situations, I can understand it. Wouldn't it be nice if, as Richard McKinnon points out, if the law did provide care for unwanted children? However, monetary support does not include the nurturing and love that a child needs to survive.

So, to the strict pro lifers, get off your couch and donate your time and/or money to the children that you insist be born to parents that cannot and do not want them.

Terri Levezow

Crescent City