Why do teachers who become

administrators go turncoat?

As a high school volunteer, I basically support teachers, but I'm a little confused.

Most school administrators are former teachers. They switched to a job that pays more than teaching. Why does it seem to be part of that job to oppose giving teachers the small pay increase requested? Most members of our school district board (the administrators' boss) are former school employees. Why do they seem to be opposed to the teachers?

Perhaps their hands are tied by federal and state requirements with insufficient funding. However, I believe teacher Martha McClure's complaint about a previous superintendent who always claimed there was not enough money for teachers - but who ended up with a surplus. It is my understanding the budget exceeds previous projections.

It also might help if the board and administrators would try some teachers' suggestions, such as the high school having only one assistant principal.

Warren Rosengren

Crescent City

Thirty-five years may not be enough for Libby given crime

andquot;Scooterandquot; Libby is guilty (andquot;CIA operative Plame testifies,andquot; March 17). How many jobs were lost? How many people lost their lives in Africa because of this? The woman was undercover.

Maybe 35 years is not enough. As far as politics is concerned, if someone tells you to murder, you don't do it. The woman did a good job in reporting there was no uranium being sent to Saddam Hussein. It's not her fault that they didn't want this good news. She needs our support and sympathy.

Jack McCutcheon

Crescent City

Children are a good thing,

so use laws to stop abortion

The act of abortion is intrinsically evil, and the law should be used to stop it and to aid the mothers to bring their innocent human beings to birth and help provide care for the child after birth.

The moment a positive law deprives a category of human beings of the protection which civil legislation ought to accord them, the state is denying the equality of all before the law. The letter to the editor, andquot;No law can prevent abortion,andquot; (Feb. 1) points out difficulties that may be faced by pregnant women in despair and supports its wrong implications by andquot;helpingandquot; the woman have an abortion so she won't be forced to do something against her will.

Free will is a dangerous thing. It can be used to do good as well as evil. All good laws are made to help guide our free will to do good. In other words, to do what we ought to do, not what we want to do. I think we all can agree: A child is a very good thing.

Richard McKinnon

Crescent City