By Carlene Lacy

On the morning of Jan. 12, 2007, you changed the fate of many good people, my family as well as your own, by your cowardly actions. You chose to leave a beautiful boy to die face down in the cold, in the middle of U.S. Hwy. 101. Why? This is the question that torments me. Someone loved so much and who embraced life wasn't worth stopping for? When you chose to drive away, did you not realize that he was andquot;someone's everything? andquot; Obviously you didn't care.

Did you think of the pain he was in? Did you think of the boys that stopped for him, something you couldn't do? Did you think of the people that tried to save his life? When you found out he died, did you think of the pain I was in? Were you scared? Are you still scared? Are you constantly looking over your shoulder? Are you afraid of the day you will be caught? When you see the No. 44s and reward posters in town, do they make you cry?

Are you a parent? If so, what will your children think? What about your mother - will she recognize the kid she raised? Your friends - how many do we have in common? Will they be ashamed they ever even waved at you? I take pleasure in knowing that you are scared, still a coward, running for your freedom, your life and your honor.

When I reflect on the beautiful memories of Joshua, only the good things are remembered. My son was a kind, honest, unselfish gentleman with more integrity than you can ever wish to have a thousand times over.

When - yes, when - you are caught, because you will be, what will your loved ones have to reflect on about you? Let me tell you: Everything good you ever did will be forgotten. The people closest to you only will remember you as a selfish coward.

You not only tainted your life, but also those who have harbored your secret are just as guilty because of you.

I promised my Joshua I would never give up on finding you. No matter how much it costs, no matter the distance, no matter how long it takes, you will be accountable for leaving my son. So again, until the day you are found, know that I take pleasure in your fear. If someday never comes, as we are never guaranteed a tomorrow, it is your soul and your eternity on the line.

So here is a second chance to do the right thing for you and the respect of your loved ones, and mine. When you are contemplating this decision, I want you to remember one thing: Joshua would have stopped for you.