Boy's varsity basketball team

should been allowed to play

Wow, what a shock and disappointment that our boy's high school varsity basketball team did not get a chance to go to North Coast Section Basketball playoffs after coming in second in the Humboldt Del Norte league (andquot;Agony of defeat for Warriors,andquot; Feb. 14). Only Eureka High had a better record.

What a shame and disappointment for the young athletes, who have worked so hard along with the cheerleaders, the high school in general, the fans and the community.

I have followed Del Norte High School athletics for years and never have I witnessed such unfair treatment.

Even if the varsity coach did not believe his team would make it to the section playoffs, didn't the team earn the right to be represented by coming in second in the league ahead of the two other teams in the league that both won seeds at the North Coast sections?

I can't imagine how the team and their parents must feel, especially the senior boys who would be playing the last game of their high school basketball career.

Thanks to the team for the many hours of pure pleasure in watching their games and getting acquainted with each of them and thanks to Jennifer Evans for her truthful letter (andquot;Seniors should have started Feb. 9 boys basketball game,andquot; Feb. 20).

Carolyn Hilger

Crescent City


Meth article, illustration only aided drug pushers' cause

I was absolutely appalled by March 2's front page feature article, andquot;There's a new drug coming to town - and it's aimed at our kids,andquot;complete with acolorful, enticing illustration.

The article starts: andquot;A new designer drug might be making it's way to Del Norte county - and it's main target is kids. The narcotic, strawberry methamphetamine, looks and tastes like rock candy, yet it is just as potent and lethal.andquot;

The article continues with a quote from Detective Sergeant Steve Morris, andquot;But he doubts that he'll find much more of it, at least in the short term.andquot;

I'm sure this article will spark more interest.

andquot;The drug traffickers' big motivation is marketing,andquot; Crescent City Police ChiefDoug Plack said. andquot;They have a tendency to direct their drugs toward the youth of today - (because) it's easy for a drug dealer to coerce or entice young kids.andquot;

In my opinion, you have given the marketing a big boost with your article!

Was the purpose of this splashy advertisement to attract the attention of children, (the illustration is sure to catch their eyes), or to promote a new product for local entrepreneurs? It certainly sounds more like an invitation to participate than a news warning, or reporting, of a potential new deadly, illegal drug.

I do applaud Chief Doug Plack's putting thepursuit of meth drug dealers as one of his top priorities.

Laurel Marquart

Crescent City