Don't dismiss proposal

A public library should be a place that people are proud of and treasure. A library should be a place where children and youth can learn, have fun, and expand their minds so that they can provide the community with a brighter and better-off future. The library can be a community resource that works for everyone from seniors to kids. Libraries give kids a productive way to spend their time and to stay out of trouble.

I find it heartbreaking that the residents of this great community have not kept their library as a community resource. As contributing members of this community we should patronize our public library just as much, if not more, than the local businesses such as Wal-Mart. The community needs to save the Del Norte County Public library while we can.

School district board member Bob Berkowitz's column, andquot; Save library by cooperatingandquot; (Feb. 16), brought the issue to what should be done: Take the library into the hands of the community if the county cannot do the job. I find Berkowitz's proposal reasonable and a wonderful idea that should be fully explored. By having the library run by several entities, the financial and other stresses would not be placed on one organization that cannot afford the operation. His proposal is one that the community should stand behind and support.

Ben Peters

Crescent City